Workshop  Rueda de Casino “Cuban Salsa” 3HR Bootcamp.
Learn the FUN and SOCIAL Cuban dance called “Casino” a.k.a “Cuban Salsa” where you do not need a partner to learn and enjoy. Students will learn fundamentals then transition into partner dancing, the last part of class will be for group dancing or “Rueda de Casino”. A progressive workshop with three parts: Foundation, Partnerwork, and Group Rueda. Students of ALL levels are welcome. The goal will be for all dancers to be able to change partners while dancing to the beat of the music.
Cost: $45.00 per person.

Michael “Chino Casino”, Instructor & Dancer.

Born and raised by Cuban-Chinese parents from Cuba. Upon arriving in Miami he was a fan of NY Salsa and Cuban music.  At Salsa Lovers Dance School in 1995, the first Casino style salsa school in the U.S. he became a dancer, instructor, performer, and choreographer of Miami and Cuban style Rueda de Casino dance. Known in the salsa community as “Chino Casino”, he competed and performed at the best Cuban salsa clubs and events in Miami.  He performed on international television programs “Caliente”, “Control”, and “Sabado Gigante” on a regular basis, a regular dancer touring with Oscar de Leon, Celia Cruz, El Gran combo, Willie Chirino, and Hansel y Raul. He choreographed and performed at the annual “Calle Ocho” festival in “Little Havana”, participated in the “Worlds Largest Rueda” event where more than 800 people danced in a massive rueda in the street and was one of the organizers and callers of the largest outdoor rueda ever in Atlanta for International Multi Flash Mob Day. He’s performed and taught workshops to thousands in many salsa events all over the U.S. and the Caribbean with his fun and interactive teaching style.