Do you have a cruise coming up? A wedding? A reunion? Do you want to be the one on the dance floor every time you go out for dinner and a band is playing?

Here at M&N Dance we’ll help you achieve your goals offering you a personalized program, no matter the level or skill, that will cover all your needs and wants through three different teaching systems that includes PRIVATE LESSONS to develop skills and styling; GROUP LESSONS to gain muscle memory, and PRACTICE PARTIES to become a better and more confident social dancer.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are a perfect way to focus on your individual needs and goals as a dancer. A private lesson is a one-on-one lesson with one instructor. You can take it by yourself or as a couple. Teaching at your pace is critical to turning you into the best and most confident dancer you can be, covering essential aspects of dancing like timing, control, balance, posture, footwork, style and technique.

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Group Classes

Group Classes are a great way to become comfortable with social dancing, gain muscle memory and come out of your shell! Anyone can come, and the instructor will choose the dance that will be taught at the class. We teach different types of classes throughout the week at all levels. You will have the chance to dance with a variety of partners to improve your leading and following skills while having tons of fun!!

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Practice Party

Taking place in the studio, parties are the best PRACTICE TIME you can get to review what you’ve learned at your lessons and apply it on the dance floor. These Parties will teach and give you the tools you need to dance in crowded dance floors, as you practice your follow and leading skills with different partners ranging from beginner to advanced, to become a better and more confident dancer. Students come to enjoy all kinds of music, dance, light snacks, and refreshments. We dim the lights, turn up the music, and just have fun dancing and partying!