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Saturday June 17th – 12 pm – 4 pm – Dance it Studio – Orlando, FL.


TEAM MATCHES are a friendly and fun competition between schools. We have scheduled 3 Team Matches for the 2023 year. We successfully won the first one in our Location. Yay!!!

And this time we are traveling to Orlando!! We hope to keep the trophy home but if not, we will still have a change at the 3rd and last one in Tampa by the end of September. We’ll keep you updated!


TEAM MATCHES are a great way to get a taste of ballroom dance competition in a relaxed atmosphere.

Everyone is cheering for you and everyone jumps on the dance floor sidelines to cheer and dance along.

Although you do not compete against other couples on the floor, you still receive scores from judges,

which are displayed on your certificates at the end of the night and collected in a spreadsheet so the top average score wins!

It’s definitely a great to get better at the dances you are working on, while also getting to know the whole M&N Dance family.


For more info contact our Dance Studio

(239) 275-8159


12450 Metro Pkwy Unit 2, Fort Myers, FL 33966

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