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After sitting hours and hours in front of the computer trying to think how to describe what M&N Dance is about, we simply decided to write down what it certainly is… A dream come true! After teaching dance for over 15 years we had the opportunity to open our own Dance Studio.

With unbelievable support and help from friends and family we followed one of our dance coaches’ advice, “You always have two options, either you do it or you don’t.” Well, the answer is pretty obvious… we made it! And we hope you do IT too.

M&N Dance is a Ballroom Dance and Argentine Tango Studio that teaches social and competitive dancing. 

We characterized for our passion and love to the dance and to our students.





It was an excellent experience !! Thank you guys you are great teachers that make learning to dance a beautiful and fun experience !! thank you very much!!Your Content Goes Here

Ricardo Jaramillo

I was so completely satisfied. I can’t say enough of the level of commitment the staff has for the success of the students. These young business owners passion and drive creates such a positive lesson experience and a great culture. As mentioned by many, the social dances and group lessons are so fun and welcoming and this is all because the staff and students alike are so great. I was so nervous, at nearly 50, to take dance lessons so late in life and being so afraid to dance. From the moment I called to inquire my nerves were put at ease and even more so, from my first lesson I came away hooked and immediately signed up for 10 more and am excited to say that dance has become a new and welcoming hobby in which I will enjoy for years to come. If M&N is you first phone call to inquire about dance lessons I can honestly say you found your spot and no need to search any further! If you searched other dance studios and M&N is next on you list, you can stop now and for sure pick M&N…..Simply the best. Great Crew, Great Students, Great Atmosphere and plenty of Social activities to work on your joy of dance. It is such a pleasure to give them the highest rating because that is what they deserve!

Mark Braun

This is a wonderful dance studio! They make learning fun, engaging and so enthusiastic. The practice parties are amazing as well as you get to use the skills you’ve acquired and socialize with the best people. Best experience ever and love the people!

Yvette Soto

Great Instructors that are very capable of break down things into simple concepts for beginners, but also knowing how to challenge advanced students with new lessons and perfecting form.

In addition to the teachers, the social environment is very welcoming and friendly. In my experience, dancing scenes tend form cliques that make it hard for beginners to break in. I have been surprised how open and accepting the people at the social dances have been and how well everyone gets along.

If your interested in learning a new hobby or skil you have nothing to fear, and if your looking to take your dancing to the next level this is the place you want to be.

Riley Tuff

At M&N Dance you will have the time of your life. My husband and I love it.

Terri McCabe