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Martin F. Cardoso was born in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his career at the age of 8 dancing Folk Dance on Hermana Tierra Dance Company participating on the most prestigious Competitions of the country. Trained in Ballet, at the age of 22 is selected to be part of the National Folkloric Ballet of Argentina where in the course of six years he wandered the best venues and theaters in the country. In 2007 Martin begins to take its first steps in Ballroom Dance. A year later he obtained 1st Place in the South American World Dance Experience Championship, American Rhythm. While this is a great promoter of his present enthusiasm with Ballroom, on the other hand Martin was involved in the beautiful and beloved Argentine Tango, where he had the opportunity to belong to one of the most prestigious Tango Houses in Argentina…. Piazzolla Tango.

Noelia V. Guerrero was born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also began her career at age of 8 in Ballet and Contemporary Dance on the Municipal School of Dance Norma Fontella. At 14 years old, he dabbled in Jazz, Contemporary and Salsa. At age of 15 she performed her first Salsa Shows and started traveling to several, national and international, Salsa Congress. In 2007 she moved to Buenos Aires where she ventures into the Argentine Tango and Ballroom Dance world and achieves an important recognition in Salsa to be the first dancer in implement Ballroom Dance techniques in this Latin genre, positioning her between first and second places in the most prestigious Championships in South America. At the same time Noelia worked as a dancer in several theater plays touring around the country. She also worked as Coach Assistant on the TV program Dancing with the Stars in Argentina. Noelia received his first gold medal in Ballroom Dance in 2008 in the South American World Dance Experience Championship, American Rhythm.

Martin Cardoso and Noelia Guerrero are Argentine Tango and Ballroom Dance partners since January 2011 and in just two years achieved national and international recognition. With over 20 years of experience in this genre both have a prominent and extensive curriculum.

In 2010 Martin and Noelia were the first instructors in Latin America to be certified as a Professional Dance Teachers in American Style Rhythm by ProDVIDA. In 2011 they auditioned for Belinda King Creative Production from England as an Argentine Tango and Ballroom Dance couple and got their first contract together working as a dance couple in the Seabourn Quest Cruise of Holland America. A year later they become the first Argentines to win the World Dance Council title in American Rhythm and get second place in the American Smooth category. In December 2012 are employed by the dancer, instructor and Dance Studio Owner Sergio Moya to be part of the staff of Dance Sergio Studio in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. They achieved top positions with Argentine Tango (Showdance), and they were finalists in the prestigious USDC Championship. Martin and Noelia are formed professionally with the best Coaches and Judges in Ballroom Dance and they’re competing in the best Professional Championships.

Fast forward to April 2017, the couple purchased Dance Sergio and now own the studio, which was name M&N Dance Embracte it. They instruct all students, hold Showcases, and take their students to competition all over United States. In their downtime, they continue to train for competing and performing in Professional leagues.