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After sitting hours and hours in front of the computer trying to think how to describe what M&N Dance is about, we simply decided to write down what it certainly is… A dream come true! After teaching dance for over 15 years we had the opportunity to open our own Dance Studio. With unbelievable support and help from friends and family we followed one of our dance coaches’ advice, “You always have two options, either you do it or you don’t.” Well, the answer is pretty obvious… we made it! And we hope you do IT too.

M&N Dance is a Ballroom Dance and Argentine Tango Studio that teaches social and competitive dancing. We characterized for our passion and love to the dance and to our students. We truly believe that the combination of motivation, knowledge and discipline will make every single student achieve their goals in a Fun and Easy way. We embrace the passion of a beloved dancer Martha Graham who once said “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. It is not just about learning to dance; it is also about feeling healthier and happier, meeting new people, achieving new goals, discovering that it was possible to do it, while expressing yourself and being part of an incredible journey that will last forever.

Here at M&N Dance we offer an optimum dance experience fusing fun, ease and comfort with quality dance instruction. Our talented certified dance instructors and our proven teaching methods will have you dancing in no time! Experience the grace and excitement of this timeless social activity with personalized programs that are designed to cover all your needs and wants. Whether you are preparing for an upcoming event, want to stand out at a dance club, planning a Cruise, dreaming about your First Wedding Dance, or simply want to move with greater confidence and became healthier, we’ll show you how simple it can be.

“We have created a comfortable, classy and modern dance studio that will make your time more pleasant both in and out of the dance floor. Our beautiful dance studio is designed with a professional dance floating floor, mirrored wall and sophisticated sound and light system.”

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No dance partner? New to dancing? Not a problem! No experience is needed when you join our studio; we teach all ages and levels!

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