Jeremías Fors

Jeremías Fors
Our special guest in the class of Argentine tango and milonga


Jeremias Fors was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the neighborhood of Boedo. From an early age, Jeremias was trained musically by his father, and after moving to the United States in 1997, Jeremias was admitted to the music programs of New World School of the Arts and Florida International University on full scholarships as a Music Performance Mayor. The discipline and knowledge acquired through his musical education then carried over into his tango, first as a dancer, then as a teacher and finally as a choreographer.

In 2010 Jeremias co-founded the company Tango Axis LLC. and created the shows “Eras del Tango” (2010) and “Amor Porteño” a.k.a Tango Suites (2016). He has performed and choreographed with the following shows and groups: Maria de Buenos Aires (Atlanta Opera 2017, New Orleans Opera 2017, Nashville Opera 2017, Florida Grand Opera 2013), Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango (2016), the U.S. tours of This Is Tango Now-Identidad (2013, 2012), Masters of Tango by Tango Fantasy (2011), Homenaje a Mariano Mores with Gabriel Mores and Polo Bandoneon (2017), Carmen de Buenos Aires (2015), La Magia del Tango (2016, 2015), A Puro Tango II (2014), Amor de Tango (2011), Tango Lovers (2009), Lancaster Symphony, South Florida Chamber Orquesta, Anibal Berraute Quartet, Sexteto Milonguero, Guillermo Petri’s Grand Orquesta, Quintango, Alvaro Hagopian Trio, Artango Dance Company and Dance South Florida Entertainment, among many others. His dancing in the FGO’s interpretation of Piazzolla’s Operetta; “Maria de Buenos Aires” and Robert Rodriguez’s musical piece “Tango”, both directed by Jose Maria Condemi, were chosen “Top 10 Performances of 2013″ by South Florida Classical Review.

As a teacher, Jeremias has developed a highly technical teaching style that embarks the full vocabulary of the tango dance today. He is fluent in both english and spanish and has taught and performed in the following festivals: Yunta Brava Florida (2016), Florida Tango Encounter (2016 & 2017), 15th Miami Tango Fantasy Festival (2011), 9th Annual Boston Tango Festival (2012), Boulder Tango Festival (2014 & 2016), as well as workshops through out the United States. In April 2013 he co-founded and directed an Argentine Tango School in Miami, receiving a proclamation by the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Carlos Gimenez, for enriching the art and knowledge of argentine tango in South Florida. Jeremias has certainly become one of the strongest influences in the development and latest booming of the South Florida Tango Community, where he now resides.

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